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Walk In Closet Ideas

You have a beautiful home, but aren’t quite happy with your storage and are looking for some walk in closet ideas for design and modification of any one of your closets that you have in your house at this time.  Usually if you have a walk in closet it is in your master bedroom and if you are married likely that your wife has taken over the vast majority of the closet and you are left with barely any space.  In my house I have about 1/4 or a bit less of the closet.  One reason to redesign your closet would be to change that so that you can give your wife and yourself more space for storage.

Essentially there are a few types of storage you can have in walk in closet including drawers, a pole for hanging clothes, shelving would be the major ones.  You may want a tie rack for hanging your ties or possibly a shoe rack in your closet for placing those shoes. The tie racks are usually at around eye level or so with the shoe racks going to the bottom of the closet.  Tie racks aren’t essential, but I think most of us even the guys would say that shoe racks are certain

My favorite way to design a walk in closet is to first decide on any piece of furniture you may want to build the closet around and usually this involves a drawer system or other storage system that you like.  It is a bit cheaper going this route then a complete custom closet install as you are already using pre-defined furniture that has shown its utility.  Next you need to choose a color to go with what you are planning and you can go white, black or perhaps a wood color whether that would be a lighter brown or perhaps something dark brown if you like the more austere look.

If you happen to be designing a walk in closet with ikea you have the option of using there pax planner system which is great because you can use computer aided design to actually simulate what your closet would look like.  It is simple to use and allows you to input any of ikea’s predefined pieces of furniture which certainly is cheaper than going with a full custom install option.  To use the Pax planner just measure the length of your walls and their height as well.  You can then mix and match various shelving options, drawers, clothing hangar options etc.  You can get a professional to install it or if you desire you can do it yourself.  I would expect if you go the do it yourself option then

These are just some walk in closet ideas for your design needs.  Take a look at the video below to learn some more tips and tricks to make your closet be the most organized and functional as can be.

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