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Classy Closets Review

While it may be great and personally satisfying to redo your own closet from scratch with parts and shelving from ikea or any other store sometimes either you can’t afford it or simply don’t have the time or perhaps just don’t want too.  There are many closet installation firms which will gladly take your business and classy closets is one of them.  I live in Phoenix Arizona and classy closets is one of the biggest outfits out there so I figured I would write a review.

I used Classy Closets to redo a small closet in my house.  It cost upwards of about $400 and all they did was take out the old shelves and put in some new ones which had some custom woodwork in them.  While satisfied with their work in the closet I actually wished that I just took away the hanger bar and bought shelving myself.  Why? you may ask.  Well, the shelves they put in were actually rather small so while it looks great for organization it isn’t the most practical and efficient use of space.  I guess you live and learn regarding that eh?  Now, they may do walk in closets really well.  That question I don’t have the answer too.

However, classy closets also works on other projects.  In my house we had them initially redo our laundry room which cost about $2000.  They came in discussed the options with us and drew out the exact cabinetry to our specifications.  This was great because we made some changes easily and had some time to mull over the myriad of options.  Wesley the rep with classy closets was great.

When it came time to install the laundry room they showed up and ripped out the cabinets in the laundry room rather quickly.  They offered to touch up the paint which they did, but somewhat later we did repaint anyway.  My wife was home for this part and not myself, but by the time I came home I realized they installed knotty wood instead of regular though the color was correct.  If you don’t know what knotty wood is essentially it is wood that looks quite aged and worn.  Heck, one of the cabinets looked like it had a bullet hole in it!  Initially, I was a bit upset, but after a call to Wesley everything was resolved.

A couple of weeks later they came back to the house with the normal wood color.  We used brown bear color wood for our laundry room.  It took them about an hour and they had new wood doors installed and they looked great.  Also, I should note they took meticulous care to clean up after themselves each time before they left.  So, in the end the project was done right and overall I was happy with the experience.

So, I would have to give classy closets a great review overall in service, workmanship and quality.  In fact we ended up using them in our office for built in cabinets there and two desks that also came out great.  Our neighbor used them as well so I can’t highly recommend classy closets enough.  Classy closets is great, but like anything custom also remember it comes with a price tag.

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