Ikea Closet Systems and Organizers

Ikea Closet Organizers and Systems

Here you will find information about various closet organizers ikea makes including the PAX system which is the premier ikea closet system that is widely popular.  If you are here reading this it means that you desire to be more organized in your life and have decided to take your closet back into your own hands.  There are several ways you can do this.  If money is no object then you can go to a specialized closet organizer company like classy closet or california closets or easy closets.  You can call a representative up and have them come to your home to do a free consultation and you will see that you could end up spending thousands of dollars to have your closets remodeled.

Of course you are much more saavy and have decided to use that handyman spark to try and do it yourself.  Ikea is the right place to start that’s for sure.  The options are endless and with the pax closet system you to can have that dream closet but at a fraction of the price.  First you need to decide the layout of your closet.  If you have a simple slide door or hinge door closet then this should be relatively easy.  Ususally you would just be swapping out hangar space for shelf space.  This is actually relatively simple to design.  The complicated part comes into play if you are looking to remodel a walk in closet.  There the options become virtually endless.

Fortunately, Ikea has a program called the pax planner that allows you to actually play around with how you would want your closet or room to look right in your own home.  That’s right the pax planner allows you to build your own closet space or even bedroom and office space with the click of a few buttons.  Once you have the perfect layout you can save it then go to your local ikea to pick up all the necessary hardware to then put it together.  With many different styles and colors to choose from it should be easy to chose a pax closet system that is perfect for your needs.

One way to go about planning is to pick a couple of pieces of furniture that you absolutely love and will be the centerpiece of your room or closet.  Then you can use the pax planner to help visualize building a system around that piece.  That is in fact what my neighbors did and their walk-in closet turned out absolutely amazing!  T

The best thing about using an ikea closet really is the price.  Why?  Because when you actually look at how much you will be spending compared to having a professional closet installation company perform the job you can see how much money you will be saving.  So, if you are having second thoughts just go ahead and download the pax planner and see if you can visualize how an ikea closet system could enhance how your house is organized today.


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